Super weird issue

for some reason when i play LOD even single player it doesnt run smooth… i use glide ive ran as admin and xp2/3 and doesnt fix the issue… when i go on bnet even tho my frames say 200 it plays like its 15fps… when i do lan it plays like its also on 15fps… but for some reason when i run 1.3 with d2se my game runs like pure butter… what in the world could cause this? i have a pretty low end pc i5 9600k gtx950 8g ram ssd… i dont get why the regular d2 runs like trash but d2se runs so smooth… i kno for a fact the regular d2 is running glide because it says it when i do /fps… in towns i get major fps lag even tho the fps stays the same… is there something that d2se does that works with my pc that regular LOD doesnt?

Hey, I am having the same issue. I think the servers are having issues right now and that is affecting the game. That or they pushed out some sort of update and it has messed up the traffic. Hopefully enough people complain and they see this and fix it.