Suggestions for mid level Frenzy barb weapons

My end goal weapons are Oath and Lawbringer, but I need some decent weapons for item finding. I’ve been doing NM meph runs. Which are the best exceptional unique weapons for a Frenzy barb? At the moment I’m wielding Guardian Naga and Islestrike. I’ve read that the Headstriker is a pretty good weapon due to the scaling damage and DS?

My favorite is 2 x Butcher’s Pupil each with a pearl jewel.

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frenzy barbs are really bottom of the barrel in terms of damage / crowd control.

your putting the cart before the horse… melee chars are EXPENSIVE and suck at farming to make high end gear (you stay poor using them) its a noob cycle: cant kill -> stays in trash tc areas -> stays poor -> repeat

barbs / melee druids / pallys that use melee gear are specialized chars that have gear provided to them from your main chars.
smiters uber for torches / smiters suck at mfing
ww barbs work great at killing players but suck at mfing and leveling
melee druids just suck in general due to aids and cost

If you want a functional barb pvm use a perf grief pb / pk is zerks grief + beast anything else is noob gear

Wow, you have a really poor atittude towards the game.

I’m playing single player. My goal is to beat hell Baal with every character using self-found items. I am not looking for the top end-game gear. I’m looking for a REAL challenge, something you lack when you’re playing the way you are suggesting I should play. No thanks.

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This is actually a weak jsp noob weapon build for a Frenzy barb. There are a lot better.

grief is one of the best pvm and pvp weapons in the entire game

griefs min damage is almost as high as its max damage / easy to roll / super effective pvm things just explode when hit / NOT PVP REDUCED (+damage) so you do a lot of damage that is why smiters are so effective at pk

some items can have more damage then grief
perf death + charge + fanta with max deadly strike has damage in the 20k++ after ds factored in (the downside is you cant block because its a 2 handed wep)

the only 1 handed weapon that has higher damage then a perf grief is next to impossible to find but they exist

eth zerker 30-40 ias fools mod( attack raiting on level ) 200-300 ed damage 2 sockets eth repair for the 2 sockets add 2 Lo runes for 40 deadly strike

Everything you said is a perfect example of you not knowing how to play Frenzy barb beyond what you’ve been told on jsp.

You’re like an old man who buys a speed boat to race his friends around the golden pond - no skill and no depth of knowledge, just flash. There are far better Frenzy builds.

You hackers and botters think you know everything, but the truth is you really suck at the game because of years of buying your gear and using scripts. All you know is exploits.

i started out on dual swing barbs then concentrate then frenzy for many years. I have mastered it and i understand its pros and cons and know that ww barbs beat them in terms of damage / crowd control / survivability.

So to say that we have “no skill no depth of knowledge just flash” means that you have no skill and no depth of knowledge for not seeing it takes skill, practice, refinement, persistance to get to 99 even when botting. Bots are not made of magic. No matter what anyone says even on the best botting scripts you cannot click a button and become 99. There is a systemic hatred of people who use mods or bots in d2, but those people are the very best players in the entire game. You have not only become legit 99 and have done it so well and have such a vast knowledge of programming / r/e d2 game play experience that it can be to an extent automated is by no means an easy task. If in doubt go read the source code to most public mods.

If you still believe you got skills then post a gear setup that you think cannot be beaten and i will tell you how your wrong. We can even do it in game. I can easily make/level/gear some rand frenzy barb with far better items then yours and out play you as a player on a build i never use.

You’re a noob barb player, and your Frenzy build is garbage, just like every other jsper using the same build. Your build barely solo in 5 player and up games. I have 4 different weapon class Frenzy builds out of the 5 one hand weapon classes that kill twice as fast as the build you posted. Grief, Death and Beast are garbage for end game melee. Those weapons can barely be used to solo act 1 monsters in an 8 player game. Forget act 4 and 5 lvl 85 areas and Nilh, too slow zzzzzz.

And the fact you can’t build a Frenzy barb that is as survivable as a ww barb and can’t clear as fast or faster than a ww barb is more proof you know jack squat about barb builds and how to play them.

As always, your just an arrogant hacker that can’t do jack squat without your jsp fools gold and scripts.

your an idiot and clearly cannot read or have never used a barb

rofl quoting myself

clearly frenzy barbs do not use pally skills aka charge + fanata + death
^ these are called “examples”

also a frenzy barb requires 2 weapons so a eth 2 hand death as in the example clearly will not work

consider this:
instead of being on “attack mode” try and be on “critical thinking mode” if you have ever seen me in game or here i have clearly beaten you in all manners you are no contest at all. also i never exactly defined other then by using 1 of 2 weapons how i would make my build you assumed and just ran - into a wall.

try reading my post again and when posting to the forums read it out loud so you do not come off across as an imbecile

grief is still #1

here an ez read:

Grief might seem odd at first, as it has no +% damage modifier, but in actuality, the pure damage component acts largely as if it was added to weapon damage directly. However, this does not show on the character screen, so actual damage is much higher than what is normally displayed (it is not uncommon for a character to have over 1000% added damage total from equipment and auras).

Furthermore, as the extra damage is a flat increase as opposed to a percentage increase, Grief can be made in a very fast low damage weapon such as a Phase Blade to great effect. When made in a fast-swinging weapon, Grief is one of the best weapons in the game in terms of physical damage per second.

Lastly, the very same damage modifier is also one of the few that work with Smite, making it popular with certain Paladin builds utilizing this skill.
the important parts are in bold it will make it easier to read 4 noobs

this guy is a total mouth breathing noob and even he gets it

Says the guy who cannot spell.

The reason you suck at Frenzy and cannot easily crowd control nor survive is because you only know what you know and have no other experience nor reference point, which is the same as every other jsp nublet and hacker. It’s the same with wolf druid players, no one has figured out how to use the skills properly and have no idea what gear to use.

I’m a master of Frenzy and I have the wolf druid dialed in pretty good, too. Another reason you suck at melee is because you do not understand the monsters outside of the Throne and Chaos, you don’t know how to kill them easily and safely with Frenzy. All you know is three weapons and the rarest of the rares. All you know how to do is jump in TPs, and pretend you’re Frenzy barb at the Throne and in Chaos while a Paladin and or Sorc does the work.

You have no skill with melee as a solo player.

this guy talking about crowd control has never even used a frenzy barb with a grief lawbringer setup you literally decryp everything on the screen. Imagine using a frenzy barb without grief the highest raw damage melee weapon in this game lmao.

I have a dozen Frenzy barbs and only one has grief. I have 4 other Frenzy barbs without Grief that kills faster than the one with Grief.

Yes and no. Highest single handed, but a 15 ed perfect eBotD has much higher damage.

If you think the two handed damage table applies to dual wield i have no advice for you. When you dual wield two, two handed weapons they become 1 handed weapons. Thats why they have two different damage tables you can see this in the inventory screen. Furthermore grief still out damages a perfect ebotd its not even close. Grief is the universally best agreed weapon for frenzy barbs main hand.

You’re a noob if you think a Grief sword has more damage that an eBotD thunder maul. And Grief is weak af compared to other non-grief builds. Like I said, you jspers are nublets with no experience other than what you been told or read, which is what you mimic and parrot.

Now you’re just trolling. You can’t wield a botd thundermaul in one hand. I see why spankrod stopped replying you are simply trolling.

To the original poster. You’re on the right track with the lawbringer put it in a phaseblade and use it offhand.

I never said you could, I said the Grief is the highest one hander, where as ebotd is the highest 2 hander, which is the highest damage weapon of them all.

I’m also saying that Grief and Lawbringer are not the best Frenzy weapons. There are much better.

You keep comparing grief to a botd thunder maul. I think you are very ignorant to the fact that you cant use frenzy with a two handed weapon like that. You just look silly honestly at this point mate.

I was referring to this. :point_down:

To which I replied…

I agreed that it was the highest as a single handed weapon, then I corrected your noobish jsp ignorance. Then you went off on a tangent and further made some noobish comment that lead me to believe that you think you can clear an area faster with a ww barb using grief swords than I can with ebotd maul.

Absolutely noobish statement, you clearly are just parroting information and have no experience in such matters. All you have is 100% noob knowledge, little knowledge outside of the box you play in, which is yet another example how jsp has destroyed the minds of Diablo 2 gamers.

I use to clear chaos faster with an IK barb than players with their Grief Frenzy setups. Grief is weak af, and jspers suck at Diablo for the most part.