Suggestion for WoW BfA of Shadowlands

Make Affliction Warlock great again.

Add curse of exhaustion as an honor talent at the very least.
Make unstable affliction reduce healing taken by 30% per stack
Increase the damage of Shadow bolt by a reasonable amount

Also please add queues for mythic +, because I get people that leave group via disconnect or no good reason, and it’s hard to find groups for my dps classes (hunter, lock, mage, etc.) [I play all classes, the game is too repetitive, make shadowlands alt friendly please.] I don’t want to stick to one class to be competitive, because I don’t know which class to pick, I enjoy them all. BfA progression left me in the dust.

Use horizontal progression, keep the ilvl of items the same for raid tiers so you don’t have to re-gear every 6 months. Or make older sets from older expansions scale so they can be used in BGs as a viable build. Just add legendaries with cool new affixes in every raid tier so people can persue them if they want, but it’s not mandatory.

Add sets like the ones in diablo 3 that change play style.

I really liked the legendaries in legion. It would be great if there was a vender for them in shadowlands.

Also add a ‘tournament realm’ or ‘fun server (PTR LIKE REALM)’ that persisted so people can test things in pvp and refine their builds.

If you apply my suggestions I’ll buy boosts to have 1 of every class on alliance aswell.

Thank you!