Suggestion for D2r HC PvP mechnism

Hi Developers,

I am a D2r player, and my two chars, one is 96 lvl Necr, and the other is 94.9 lvl Sorc were killed by pkers. And I was trapped by these players.

To be specific, my 94 lvl Sorc was killed at Act4 Hell level.When I entered a door, which was opened by a pker, he stayed the entrance of act4 and hostile me, and kill my sorc within few seconds.

I have spent lot of money to buy gears for this char, including infinity, griffen, 5 life light gc, torch, anni, soj * 2, light jewels etc. There is no law for the pker to kill me and let my wealth gone. The digital gears should belong to personal wealth, as they are paid and spent lots of time to level up, and should not be taken away easily by others. This wealth should be protected.

I suggested that players should only be able to pk with each other if both of them open the hostile status. This is fair for players who do not like pk in HC mode, like me. I hope current mechanism should be changed as it is not fair for the players who don’t like pk with others.

Thank you very much.