Suggestion: D2R Item Dying/Coloring option

Because D2R is coming out with new graphics and there an obvious attempt to maintain item appearance fidelity, Blizzard should look into this suggestion:

Allow players to change an item’s color with Horadic cube recipe. For example, Tal Rasha’s armor is always a default purple. It is purple in our inventory and when we wear it. But with this color dying option, we can change it to green, blue, black, whatever color we choose.

So let’s say we want to change an armor color to green. Maybe the recipe for that is ?Some sort of rune + magic jewel + [gem quality]-emerald. Noticed that gem’s quality is in brackets. Based upon the quality of the gem, i.e, chipped, flawed, etc, the color shade will be decided. Chipped gems can be the lightest shade, and perfect gems can be the deepest shade.

This implimentation will bring a lot of joy to players without jeopordizing balancing issue/game play.

PS: Sorc’s cast animation is a bit too much in D2R. Maybe tone it down a bit.