Suggested Demo Section

Would it be possible to get an additional section for demos?

Demos have been lost over the years. Maybe I’m just showing my age but I remember growing up on demos. It was a way to explore and get exposed to the gameplay of something that I may or may not have considered before. I remember going to the computer store and picking up everything demo I could for like 5 bucks or waiting for the PC magazine to come out with the demo cd.

Now, this exposure seems very hands-off. We can pay $230+ to get to a convention and wait in line for a chance to play this demo. Or we can watch youtube, twitch, or mixer for someone else to play through and not really explore or attempt gameplay as we would play thought. A very disconnected experience.

I acknowledge the beta phase to work out bugs in the system. I agree very important phase. But one where if signed up and the stars align just right can get an attempt at the game.

If a small portion of the game (the demo), even if just a sandbox environment, is complete enough to put on the BlizzCon floor why could it not be complete enough for a home demo experience? Hardware compliance assumed.

My humble recommendation or request is to add an additional section for the demos that are played at BlizzCon. Even if it is monetized for $5 to $10 per game or a larger amount for access to the section.

There is a section divider between the core blizzard games and the Call of Duty games. Another divider could be put in, and a demonstration section could be added below.

I thank you for your time and consideration.
Michael Murray