Sudden GeForce NOW Withdrawal

Hey, guys.

I don’t know if you saw, but Activision/Blizzard recently pulled their games from GeForce NOW pretty suddenly. I had been using the beta service for over two years, and playing Overwatch the entire time. I truly love the game, and the only reason I was able to play it was because of GFN. It was so nice to see that PC games could be accessible to those on Mac/Linux, who got laptops/computers with that software base for a variety of reasons and don’t have the money to just start buying or building strong gaming PCs.

Overwatch is and was my favorite game to play. It was the first time that I had been able to play a high speed, intensive game that required all my focus, as opposed to the games I had been playing growing up on Nintendo consoles that I shared with my family.

I was working towards actually starting playing competitive, and was playing almost every day. So, it was really heartbreaking to be cut off from the game so suddenly, with no warning. I’m writing this to ask Blizzard and Activision to restore their games to GFN. Even if it seems profitable to move over to something like Stadia, which forces gamers to buy another copy of the game, I want to remind you guys that the only reason I bought the game in the first place was because of GFN. It’s almost like I’m being cheated out of my money. If I had known I wouldn’t be able to play on GFN after beta, I honestly wouldn’t have bought it.

I refuse to buy a game that I already own again just because (potentially) the only way I may be able to play is on Stadia. But I’m so deeply heartbroken to lose a game I love so much.