Sudden drop in CR

Hi Players, just checking if any faced this issue? I realized my CR was less -57 than my usual CR. No equipment was changed or salvage to cause this. Nerf? Anybody having this issue before?

Most likely a Warband member changed a weapon in the Tableau, greatly reducing one of the Max Bonus values (possibly down to zero) and all Warband members will have lost whatever they had in their Current Bonus value for that stat, with the equivalent drop of CR that does with the loss of stat…

Why did I lose Combat Rating without changing gear?

On the assumption that your hero is a member of a warband, some of your Combat Rating is received from the Current Bonus section of the Tableau. The Max Bonus section of the Tableau is calculated from the four best weapons socketed in the Tableau. Okay, so, why might you have lost CR? Well, take a look at my Tableau as an example…

As you see, my weapon is contributing Strength and Willpower to the Tableau. Of the four best weapons socketed, my weapon is the only one contributing to the Max Bonus’s Willpower affix. The contribution to the Tableau is 349/4 Willpower = 87.25 Willpower = 87 Willpower (rounded). Okay, now let’s say I replaced that weapon with a similar quality / level item, but this time with Strength and Vitality, rather than Strength and Willpower…

As you see, my contribution to the Tableau’s Max Bonuses would change, i.e. 160 → 162 Strength, 75 → 160 Vitality, but also 87 → 0 Willpower. If I socketed this item, the maximum bonus Willpower available from the Tableau would be reduced to zero. At that point, for every single Warband member, they would lose whatever value they had in their Current Bonus section for Willpower. In my case, I’d lose 65 Willpower contribution, and therefore I’d lose 65 CR. All your Warband members would be similarly affected.

So, if you’ve lost some CR, and haven’t changed any gear, check to make sure someone in your Warband hasn’t completely wiped out an affix’s contribution down to zero.

Thank you so much Meteorblade for the detailed information. I think was not due to my WB taleau. Now my CR seems back to normal after few days later. A really weird bug.

Latest Update:
​​​​​​​​​​It happened again and this time is -100 CR. My clan mate told me it is a bug in the armory. Noticed that one of the green rank is 0. Hence the drop in CR. I replaced the main green with another green and a few times before the rank is transferred back my level 13… Hope is useful to all who having this same bug.