Stuck with Helliquary quest (BUG)

I caught a bug while doing the Helliquary quest chain. To continue the quest I must “Tap the menu to open the Helliquary and Seal the Remains”.
But I don’t have any remainsof the demon. I already killed the Chaos Herald Pyl in Challange Rift (done it twice), but i dont have Pyl’s Flowing Chaos to complete the task. Pls help me and sorry for my English, it’s not my native language. P.S. I am playing the PC version.


I am having the same issue.

I am having the same issue as well.

I am also having this issue. Really hope we can get this resolved!

I am having the same issue… Server Europe: Akeba, iPhone

Having same issue with this quest

Me too. Im ignoring it so far, but it seems to be slowing me down a bit as its a quest chain im missing

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I played with a girl and when passing this quest, we both have a similar problem. How to fix ?

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I have the same problem. Killed Pyl twice at least.

Having the same issue.

have same issue cant continue on Q ask me to add demonic remains but i dont have any

I have the same issue Refine scoria bug - no button in dialogue with Charsi

I am having the same issue.
Server:Japan zov

Same here. I have no remains from the quest-line introducing the helliquary. I killed Pyl in CR2 and looted everything but do not have his remains. Quest bugged and stuck. Kinda game breaking.

is there any solution with that issue? i have the same problem and connot join raid attempts with my clan . how to fix that pls let me know. when i follow instruction of that helliquary quest… i open menu helliquary and tap on the crown then it asks me choice a remains of demon but there is no pieace of that. so pls contact me and let me know how to fix that and keep go on my progress

yep same here Europe The Void

Same issue literally an ingame feature lost for this bug :frowning:

Hi, i have these error. Can solve?..

Having the same issue. Any resolve yet ? Kinda game breaking since I can’t do the raid with my warband…

Same here… really crappy. Cant continue the helliquary quests