Stuck Reconnecting after minimizing app

Device: iPhone XS Max
iOS: v 14.7.1 (18G82)
App Version: 1.15.1 (5498)

Issue: If I message someone on the app, then minimize the app. When I return to the app I will be unable to continue messaging, I get a “Reconnecting” message that does not go away.

I can resolve this issue temporarily by forcing the app closed, and reopening it. This will allow me to message until I minimize the application again.

I do receive push notifications, so I can see inbound responses, but cannot respond until I close and reopen the app.

I uploaded a video Here of the issue. It happens 100% of the time.

I do see that App is not requesting access (unlisted) under “Background App Refresh” and i’m curious if that is the cause of the issue.