Stuck on WoW and Battlenet Loading Screens

I was playing arena earlier and then my game crashed in the middle of a clicking to join into an arena. Everything in the game was frozen, but i could message people and it’d go through instantly. Now Im having issues with battlenet, connecting screen in WoW, and when I manage to login to a character if I get in a loading screen it practically crashes again. I have never had an issue with WoW prior, and my computer specs run this game at the highest settings with 25/25ms and over 100fps. No idea what the issue is now. As far as battlenet, I get stuck on a loading screen until I have to close it after like 10m…reload and try and sometimes I get it to work sometimes I dont. When I can login to my account I get stuck on the WoW connecting screen and then it closes with a error code which states there is a connection issue. I know it cant be on my end considering i have 1000 up and 1000 down internet and everything else is working properly lol. This all started to randomly occur in the middle of me playing the game and now I cant even manage to login 95% of the time…and when i do i get stuck in loading screen and it crashes in the game.

I am having the same issue. I followed the instructions on this thread that I found:

Initially I was able to login after resetting the interface, but the moment I took a portal and got on another loading screen I was down again and unable to get back in or even connect to the launcher (stuck on ‘logging in’) most of the time.

Even Blizzard websites are timing out or going super slow for me. No other website is having the issue.