Stuck on scan and repair

I’ve sent a screen shot to Blizzard over on Twitter yesterday showing them that the status keeps going loop of Doom of Scanning… updating…scanning…updating…scanning… updating. It’s like that Sherry Lois’ “Lamb Chop” closing credits song.
It’s still scanning loops. @Cub still loops of Doom here.

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Been having this issue as well since last night. tried the fix. Still doing it. F this crap Will make room for Battlefield 6

My COD Black Ops will NOT STOP scanning files

Can I delete it and redownload it ?

I’m still stuck on the doom of loops of Scanning / Updating. Those other players than can play WOW must have FiOs internet or something. I am still disappointed with Blizzard that they cannot look into this issue. Down Detector reported that there was issues on World of Warcraft on Blizzard the other week. Why am I NOT surprised? Blizzard’s gonna lose alot of their subscripters and alot of their fans if this loop of doom cannot be assessed. And yet Blizzard continues to Gaslight their customers through email, Twitter, and through phone calls. Seriously, what the #*!! is going on over in Irvine, California???

Okay! It’s still stuck on loops of Doom of scanning!! Anyone else stuck on the scanning loop?

Now it’s just STUCK on scanning stuck at 18%

Still stuck on scanning… >:(

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Same here… :sob:

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This worked for me :blush: downsights.cpm/unlimited-scan-repair-fix-for-battle-net-launcher-warzone-black-ops-cold-war/

Replace p with o

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I’m still stuck on endless loops of doom of endless scanning, scanning, scanning, scanning, scanning, scanning and so on. This is getting really old. :frowning:

I’m stuck on loops of scanning now for World of Warcraft :frowning:

I’m still stuck on scanning ere

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I am still stuck on loops of scanning and repairing. It no longer stays on updating. Someone call a rogue UFO to come and abduct these Blizzard guys