Stuck in Authenticator and support loop plz help asap

Hello. I’m desperately trying to log into my account. I managed to on my phone but since my phone number is no longer in service I am locked out of both my authenticator as well as my account on my pc. I just really wanna play wow. My computer died a few days ago and I got a new laptop. I’m completely locked out of this account on anything but this phone. The number connected to the account is no longer in service. Andto change the number I need an authenticator code. To get into authenticator I need a SMS code. Like I said the phone is no longer in use. I paid for the time I’m waiting and I’m frusterared. Please help I’ve been on every corner of customer support. Opened tickets, called everything. I have my email password and username and still camt log in. Just frusterated I’m wasting time I payed for over a stupid glitch

idk but @ this moment there is update across the game in progress so no one can get in> I hope they get back to u asap as siting waiting suck gl

Abandon all hope. no one will anwser your calls. You are now in the authenticator loop and all hope is gone.