Stuck in a log in loop on Overwatch

When I open Overwatch it’s asking me to enter my log in info. I do that, then I enter the authenticator code. Then it says finding a game server, connecting and then loops back to the log in screen. My game is up to date. I even tried changing my password.


Tengo exactamente el mismo problema desde hace media hora

same here, no puedo entrar me pasa lo mismo es una paja

same here cant log into the app now.


Same, but for Diablo 3

I’m playing retail WOW and am encountering the same problem. I’m still not logged in to the app and it has had me in a queue for the past half an hour with the time fluctuating between “~16 minutes” and “~17 minutes”.

seems like it is just server problems right now, not user problems. i was placed in a 30 min queue, got in, had to log in, was connecting to game realm, and then got disconnected. i tried to open battle net again and was then placed in a 52 minute queue.

I suggest each and everyone of you to send Blizzard a support ticket to prorate any subscription fee for all of the ridiculously long queue times… This is a huge company. Any other company would do the same. Your internet goes down? They compensate you for that time lost. Let’s all do it. We are the consumers and this is the treatment we deserve for lack of resources and queue times.