Stuck as Adventurer (Shadows Quest)

Same exact issue. Here. 2 signets, went to clan… now stuck as adventurer


I’m stuck with “talk to Mysterious Patron” too and donated my signets to my clan too so now I have no access to contracts or exp and keys etc. from daily assembly. While I am glad it’s not just me, I am pretty upset about this obviously widespread bug being a thing in the first place. I hope Blizzard is working on a fix.


Same here, awful design to be prompt to give signets you don’t know what are for, and then be stuck.

Same here :frowning: Very angry this is an issue

Same here… Stuck . “talk to Mysterious Patron” and nothing…

Same here, hurry up and sort this out, all of us here are losing out every day this goes on, need to compensate everybody as an apology


Definitely, over three days of not getting Shadow bonuses!!

Same this has to be fixed ASAP!!


To solve this, create a new character, connect on it, then come back on your main, and it is fixed :slight_smile: enjoy bros

:unamused: no fixed nothing. I have the same problem…

Magnifying glass trick worked for me.
Its on a right side of the quest.
Just tap multiple times on “Submit” and you will get dialog box,press ok and it will reset quest.

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Im getting the trial print error messgae too. It says to wait until tomorrow which is something i can do but i would have liked to avoid this whole mess in the first place. I loved this game until the first big bug i ran into and while im still trying to love it, stuff like this makes it difficult.

have same problem, FIX PLS

I’m also stuck on this quest. I’ve been shadow last season and had no problem. Now I can’t do anything…

Same Issue here, ther is also a second post

Same issue on my end. Joined last season without issues. Did the lottery, received the signets, but now I cannot join.

thank you a lot! This works!

Just found it. I still has the problem

I am having the same issue. Donated both signets and now I’m in limbo. I followed some of the suggestions above and was able to quit the clan. Still can’t enter the lottery.

Didn’t work for me, still stuk