Stuck as Adventurer (Shadows Quest)

Same issue as everyone else :’(

Hi Nasiof,
This is the cycle normal behaviour, only the winner Shadow Clan can be promoted to Immortal, all the others Clans got demoted to adventurers Clans. If you aren’t a Shadow Clan member would also be demoted to be an average Joe again… and the lottery waiting… thing … yeah pretty fair play… -.-""

Same issue. Pls help me

Same problem, hope my clan get 30 soon to be a dark clan, which may Or may not help

I have the same problem. This is ridiculous. At least there should be an ‘‘Abandon’’ option so we can start over.

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Same here. Theres a lot of players complaining about this issue. Maybe they , blizzard, should do something about it

same here, just enrolled to the new round and stuck there, seems I can’t even join another lottery :frowning:

Same issue. Only solution I’ve encountered was to leave my Clan, restart the quest, and then rebuild my clan since it was my clan in the first place.
As a result I’m also down 3000 platinum and had to redo the entire tutorial for this.
This needs to get fixed before the next Rite of Exile.

I also was stuck, but I found the solution was leaving the clan and clicking the quest tracker while at the mysterious person. The magnifying glass on the quest tracker prompted a different box after I had left the clan. And was able to redo and finish the shadow quest. I found that solution on a previous thread. I don’t know why a person couldn’t just be reinvited to the clan that is dropped.

same here, that trick does not work :man_shrugging:

I got the same problem i won the lotery followed the steps but then when you talk to patron it prompted to donate to clan so i did now i can not finish shadow gathering anymore and can not re enter the lotery either so i am stuck.

I was informed that I won the Shadow lottery and it gave me two keys saying that I can use the second to invite someone else that is worthy. So I went thru the steps to be a shadow and now the game does NOT say I am a Shadow and keeps telling me to speak to the Mysterious person and when I do they say are you sure you want to become a Shadow this cannot be changed until the next Immortal is over thrown. BUT it does not give me the option to say yes or anything. It is stuck on that and both my Signets are gone??

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Same issue here, and it’s not a first time that bug stopped me from completing quest. This sucks

have the same problem… Please fix this soon.

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Same problem. Do we have to leave the clan to join shadows? If so, why don’t we see an immortals problem of the same magnitude? Oh wait, $.

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same exact issue here

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On mobile, when you open the dialogue box, there is no “magnifying glass”. All other navigations are hidden. How did you do this?

Same i am stuck as an adventurer. I submitted my signets to my clan but noticed after that more than half was inactive so i left and joined another clan but i’m still stuck because i have no signets to give and the clan is only at 18/30

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I had the same problem

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I am having same problem :frowning:

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