Streaming Icon not showing


The icon to set up Facebook streaming hasn’t been showing for awhile now, I can’t say how long, I just realized today I was not using the beta version. I attempted to swap in hopes it would pop up for me once it was done. However that is not the case, any help resolving this would be appreciated.


Hey, Tiamat!

The Blizzard Streaming feature was removed in the previous build. Here are the patch notes:

Build 11512

Blizzard Streaming

We are always focused on delivering the best experience possible for our players. With this in mind, we have made the decision to remove Blizzard Streaming from the desktop app due to technical and game performance issues.

If you have any ideas or feedback on this, please post in the Feedback forums.


Do you know if it will be brought back soon if at all?


Hey, Tiamat! There’s currently no information on whether it will be brought back soon or if at all. We appreciate any feedback or concerns you may have. It’s best discussed on the Feedback Discussion forums.