Stop the .tmpd files

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Is there already a way to stop the game generating all those tmpd file upon starting the game? They are 4mb and over a while it can be huge, also it messes up the appdate/local index with all those 10000’s maps.

I am looking forward to read a solution,


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I’ve made a thread related about this thing and I didn’t get a single answer yet.

It also annoys me a bit, and I would like to know what are their purposes. Especially since they are located in our C drive, which is a SSD on my side, it means each time I log into battlenet the game keeps “writing” in my SSD for an unknown reason, and it can affect its lifetime, over time :confused:

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Thank you. It’s strange Blizz doesn’t reply, cause it can really harm SSD life indeed, and also I hate not important stuff taking space.

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I don’t know if it’s linked or not but my previous SSD died and lasted only 2 years, which seems to be a pretty short lifetime for a SSD only used to install Windows. And in those 2 years the only game I used to play was Diablo 2 during two ladders that occured in winter.
I wasn’t aware about those .tmpd files before a month ago, but considering the amount of files created within 2 weeks only into this new season, (already over 800+ files inside my Local folder, they were barely 120ish before I started to play Diablo 2 again), I cannot imagine the amount of files created during those 2 years playing 2 ladders streak, and thus the number of writings done by the SSD in the meanwhile.

Its death might not be related to those files that keep up being created over time, but who knows. It’s still weird. Even more when it’s not possible to get a clear answer from the Blizzard dev team :confused:

Thank you for your reply. I feel you, man. I wil bump this topic every day or so to create awareness bout this. Imagine all those people playing 1.14d and potentially bricking their SSD/HDD’s or asking why their storage is so low. etc.

Blizzard broke something again, I’m impressed

I am still here to bump the topic.

SSD Life matters too!

Just letting you know, writing 4 megabytes to your solid state drive every time you play Diablo 2 is not going to cause your SSD to degrade any noticeable amount. Now if it was 4 gigabytes, that would be a problem.

Now I will say it IS BAD PRACTICE to leave temp files on a system without cleaning them up. So yea, Blizzard, do something about it.

True true. However, over time If someone realllly plays a lot it can harm. I am with you these files shouldn’t be there. That’s why I did quit playing the reset and deleted D2 for good. Is ok for me. Time to give D2 the rest is needs.

Also I hate the clutter of 10000 maps and files there only for 4 mb each time.

It’s not “only” 4 megabytes, it’s 4 megabytes + 4 megabytes + 4 megabytes, etc. EACH time you log into, if I’m not mistaken. Or even maybe if you actually create a game, not sure about that one.

Here, I just randomly checked today to see how it goes :

366 mb ? wtf. and I’ve only checked the folders created within the first week of January, lol.
Can you just imagine the HUGE amount of files created while playing a ladder ? Let’s say 2 months of playing, several days per weeks, several hours per day ?

It looks insane to me. As I said, the ONLY game I’ve played THAT much with my previous SSD was Diablo 2. And I did play the game A LOT during those 2 past winter ladders. I wasn’t aware about those weird temp files at this time, but I don’t even want to imagine the amount of files generated in the meanwhile.

So yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised if its death COULD be tied to those files. Years back I was playing Diablo 2 as much with a HDD and it never died, 9 years later lol. And I think those temp files are something new, or fairly new. The most recent thread talking about that was on reddit in 2018.

The more I think about those files, the more I want to stop playing Diablo 2 on bnet. Which would be a very sad decision, to me…

I don’t know what they are doing to our rigs, but when D2 is running an egg can be fried with heat it produces. No other game causes this heat.

Wheres Matthew now.?

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Holding D3 player’s hands.

This comment will likely get me perma banned.

Cheers to all the diehard legit D2 players. Keep on keeping it real!

Here again, I’ve tried to browse the Local folder to see which tempd folders were empty and which ones were still filled with those d2stageb/c.dll temp files.
(The olders tempd folders become empty over the time but they still remain in the Local folder, even if empty, lol).

Here is a screenshot :

The remaining filled folders (the ones checked in grey) are dated from the 22/12/2019 to the 13/01/2020, for a total of 825 megabytes.
825 megabytes over 3 weeks, and I didn’t even play that much in those 3 weeks due to christmas, the new year and other irl priorities.

You still think it’s only a matter of “4 megabytes” of writing done by the SSD ?

By the way, I think I’m done with this ladder considering its current state (a true bot fest), and I’ll keep playing my beloved game Diablo II, but offline (thanks God… or should I say Blizzard North … games were made with an offline mod from this old era).
These temp files are a definite nuisance in the long run, and since there are no purposes given to their existence, I won’t push this thing further more without a legit reason, lol.

I’ve never ended a ladder so early in a very long time, it’s heart breaking actually.

Good luck to the remaining players.

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I was really looking forward to playing D2 again after so many years but it seems to be loaded by so many new problems

My knowledge of informatics is very limited but from what I can tell, a single hour of internet browser (especially when using websites such as Youtube) generates way more trash than those 3 weeks you mentioned, so I believe the damage to SSD isn’t the biggest issue, but still, my SSD is a 128gb one, I don’t really have that much space to spare. I’m considering moving Diablo 2 to an external flash drive (like a 16 pendrive) instead.

As far as I know, most of the temp files generated over the time from your activities are deleted in the meanwhile and you don’t even notice them. My Temp folder is always almost empty, and my Local was filled with “only” something like 200 ish files before I start to play Diablo II once again for this winter ladder reset. The Local has, now, reached almost 1300 files because of those said .tempd files tied to Diablo II.

But to make things even more weird to understand, my Diablo II game isn’t EVEN installed into my C disk (which is a SSD), but into my D disk, which is a HDD (so like an external drive, somehow).
The game isn’t even listed in the “Add or Remove Programs” list from my operating system since it’s not installed in C but the game keeps generating files in my C disk each time I’m logging to battlenet.

So… yes, a lot of things are wrong actually. And the lack of answers is also annoying.

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You seem to be wanting to prove something to me. So here’s what I found:

Heres what generates the temp files and directories:
Any time you connect to Battlenet. (switching accounts for muling, having to relog due to disconnect, etc.)

Here’s what does not generate the temp files and directories:
Creating new games on bnet.
Switching difficulties on bnet.
Switching characters within the same account on bnet.
Switching acts in game.
Getting robbed by Gheed.

So if you play Diablo 2 on Battlenet for a magic find session, 1 file and one folder, 4MB. Lets say you find 8 cracked sashes that you are just dying to equip on a single mule on each of your 8 other muling accounts, so you drop the godly finds on the ground, you log into 8 different accounts and pick up one for one mule on each account, then log back in with your magic find account. Thats 36 more MB for a total of 40MB.

Now that we have a number, lets talk about solid-state drives. Your average name-brand 500GB to 1000GB solid-state drive is warrantied at 300TB written. They will very likely exceed that amount as long as you don’t keep them above 70% full.
So, 40MB/300000000MB is .00000013R, so 1.33 hundred thousandths of one percent. You would need to do the above magic finding/cracked sash finding/muling session 7.5 MILLION TIMES before you would void your SSD’s warranty. If you just logged in and played the game without any muling, you can get by with 75 million Diablo 2 battlenet gaming sessions.

So if you’re worried about the problem, you can either wait until Blizzard fixes it (might be a while) or if you want to keep the temp files from building up on your system, here’s what you can do about it: Set up a script to automatically clear the files and have it run on startup.

Command to remove the folders and temp files:

for /f %i in ('dir /a:d /s /b "%userprofile%\appdata\local\D2*.tmpd"') do rd /s /q "%i"&del "%userprofile%\appdata\local\D2*.tmp"

If used in a batch file, change both %i to %%i

Please note if you have no experience writing scripts, I don’t recommend trying.

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No, it wasn’t meant to prove you something, it was meant to speak about actual facts, and not simple guesses.

The thing is, whether or not you can manipulate in which partition/folder you want those temp files to be stored in, it seems that you cannot stop this process.
And if, in order to lower the number of files generated, I still want to play in those conditions, I’ll have to alter the way I did play this game for more than a decade “just because” Blizzard did change/added something in the code that start generating those files once you connect a battlenet account to their servers.

If playing Diablo 2 means, to you, having to log one account, once per day, just to be “fine” towards those files, then it’s def not the way I think this game should be played.

My biggest concern is to understand why are those files needed, overall ? Why they weren’t needed back then ?

The amount of megabytes generated by those files is quickly bigger than the weight of the game itself, lol. And, furthermore, it makes your drive keep writing without any given reasons.
And as a last word, if to play this game without any particular weird behavior regarding its files I’ve to set up a script, then yes, something is def wrong.

So, as you said, I’ll rather wait until Blizzard fixes it (even if it takes ages, or simply never) and just move on.

And thanks for your answer, btw.


Small, but important bump to create awareness.