Stop crying over the queues on

They are clearly updating their servers for the next ladder reset (remaster). And oh in before you say there is no remaster (if you are that kind of person). There is plenty of evidence that Blizzard is making a remaster:

Lies and evin more lies

I am so giggling. I and many passionate Diablo gamers must be those kinds of people. Everyone is free to speculate.

What I think, which may not matter in this nor in any forum, t think that it takes courage and a desire to not deceive to say “I do not know” when asked if there will be a remastered version of Diablo 2. Any other answer is drama and speculation.

Mind you, my comment may be overly dramatic, too. See? We are all prone to silly mannerisms.


if the game actually ran this smooth id never need another game

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I’d literally Blow off if they did this, there is no way in a century they will even potentially think about doing something like that!

Ya…I will have to agree with you you Vexx that it doesn’t make sense for blizzard to remaster this game. Any resources allocated to diablo games will go into current (D3) and future (D4) games. From a financial aspect it doesn’t make sense to waste resources on an outdated game with a small albeit very loyal following.

That said I hope I am 100% wrong in this perspective because man I miss playing diablo 2 online. Here’s to hoping…cheers.


But… why?.. You know they want D4 to replace D2. I can’t imagine they are making a ton of money off D2 anymore.

The sad thing is the devs don’t actually understand why D2 is so popular and will probably never be able to come close to D2 again.

Actually I think they wanted diablo immoral to replace everything. Diablo 4 is the compromise.