Still queue when creating games

I saw a forum post from a month ago where a Blizzard employee acknowledged that they know about this issue and that they’re “fixing it” we’ll look, it’s halfway through September, and we still have massive queues up to over 8k sometimes to create games in Ladder (East). On top of that, the desync in the server is disgusting when playing with other people. Try to run across the screen and warp backwards 5 times in a row constantly, it’s absurd. I played this last around 15 months ago and it wasn’t like this. I guess the issues compound since blizzard doesn’t maintainence their servers, despite them being antiquated as hell. They should let the player base run the servers since the players are the only ones who give a damn. And if we had dedicated players hosting the servers, maybe we would have some people who care enough to use an anti cheat software to ban all the scumbag bots that are a huge part of the problem. Of all of Blizzards games, Diablo 2 has the most loyal and hardcore fan base yet they spit on our faces with this lack of attention to both the servers and the community when they state there’s an issue. Absolutely pathetic. FIX THE GAME BLIZZARD. If you are going to charge people 20$ for a CD key set, you damn well better make the game playable.


But they’re “working on it”… They’ve said so many times now. What? You’re not satisfied with just their word that they’re working on it? You’re not happy that there has not yet been a permanent solution to this increasing problem? I’m right there with ya!

The queue problem on US-East Ladder has been going on for the most part of this season and even a bit last season, not to mention the Asia server which has had the problem much more severely and for even longer. Blizzard is not going the right way about this. It feels like they are thumbing their noses at their loyal and core Diablo fan base.

Until Blizzard steps up to the plate and delivers some results, “working on it” means nothing any longer. Until there are concrete and permanent results, I will assume Blizzard is intentionally letting this game train-wreck itself to the point where it’s unplayable online.

The loyal and core Diablo fan base needs some good news soon. Because if enough time passes without attention to this marvelous game, there may not be much of a fan base left.


This happens weekly it seems… or every other week there seems to be a game create queue that pops up. I thought I was temp banned from creating games so its good but at the same time bad that it is not just me having this problem. I always felt like Diablo 2 was my “anchor” could always come back to this game no matter what but it would appear that is no longer the case. Do better Blizzard…

Been playing on USEast this entire ladder. Created a USWest account two days ago, and havent had any issues with Ques or lag. Yes it sucks not having access to all my mules and toons on USEast, but the no frustration of time between ques and lag and being able to do actual MF runs is nice.

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Yeah, the problem with West, especially if you live on the East coast is the lag. The last time I tried, I’d see pings ranging between 100 and 400 ms, several noticeable delays between action and response… Definitely not ideal hardcore playing conditions.

When East is actually working properly, it’s hard to pass up 30ms average pings.

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These lengthy queues are leading to drinking far more coffee than what I usually drink. At the very least and when a game finally opens, I am already amped up for my new level one to attack those Blood Moor quills with a fiery vengeance! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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“We are working on it” in layman terms go screw yourself.