Still dont have access to overwatch 2 beta

27 hours later, I still do not have access

26 hours,I think I don‘t have any negligence.

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They said the same thing for me too. I sent back proof that my accounts are linked and that I received the drop, but I’m not holding my breath that I will get any help.


I did anything. Account linking, uninstalling/reinstalling, contacting support, swapping servers, etc. But with all that in mind. I still don’t have the game. I have picture proof that I did everything. And Blizzard doesn’t even reason back. Losing hope, to be honest. Also with the tweet that they post on twitter. That just sums up what they are doing for us people that are having a bug with the beta. I have a friend the had the same problem. But all he did was " wait " and he got it. How long we got to wait. I’m pretty mad because it just goes to show how far blizzard will go for us people that are having problems with their game. Unbelievable.

Same here. Blizzard does not care about us it seems


You should be keeping an eye (and posting, I suppose) on the Overwatch forums. There are several posts on this issue, some with Blizzard replies… this one, for example:

Posting here is not terribly useful for you; if news come, Blizzard is more likely to post them in the Overwatch forums than here (the forums here are for technical support on the Battle.Net Desktop App).

Good luck with this !

My accounts are connected correctly, I received beta access via Twitch, it has been over 2 hours and I have no updates and no OW2 in the dropdobwn…

I watched my 4 hours of Twitch yesterday night and I claimed my Twitch drop at around 23:00, I still have had no update on my launcher and no ‘Overwatch 2 Beta’ appear on the launcher.

I have tried loading up in the American region, then the European (which is where I am), I have closed and opened the launcher more times than I can remember and still nothing nearly 24 hours later.

This is the worst :frowning:

First you MUST have watched one of the qualified Twitch streamers (OW2) for at least 4 hours yesterday, and the drop HAS to show up in your Inventory, this is a requirement for this solution

Started 1:10 am:

  1. If you tried everything and still didn’t get beta access to Overwatch 2 Tech beta (including checking connections, opting in, linking things, etc), try making your e-mail address the same on Twitch as it was on Blizzard. Confirm your email address.
  2. Setting up 2 factor authentication on Twitch, only need it on twitch.
  3. (during this period i elected to log out of my Battle.Net)
    Gave option to reconnect to B-net app on Twitch. (B-net remained connected to Twitch on its end.) If your B-Net is still showing connected to Twitch. Hit disconnect. Then log out of twitch. Log back in, check your drops first, should prompt you to re-claim/connect B-Net.
  4. I got an option to reconnect my claimed reward in Inventory (Claim button is yellow, and Refresh button to the right of it. This button may show up more than one time)
    (Also it DOES NOT MATTER if it said Claimed before, it’s not “claimed” until it’s on your b-net launcher)
  5. Check your e-mail and verify your e-mail, then wait 30 mins to a few hours.
    (After 30 minutes on the dot, i logged back into the Launcher. and it appeared)

UPDATE: 6:35am checked Battlenet client, the menu HAS Overwatch 2 Tech Beta AVAILABLE in the drop down. It just takes a little time. NOT SURE HOW MUCH TIME but this DOES work.
Hope it helps you!!!

The install is 12gb, doesn’t take long on decent internet. About 20-30 min

Has anyone else tried yet?

I added some updates on this, follow that directly and let me know if that worked, if not i will continue to help people trouble shoot options. I can always Beta later tonight.

best thing to do is wait, took me a while as well but i have it now

Yeah that’s what I’m doing, sadly I have no patience haha and with working most of the week it’s just quite annoying

Follow these steps, let me know if they work for you.

I have a thread on the solution. GipsyAvenger made a similar thread if their wording helps you better :slight_smile:

It works!

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Thank you mate, just tried now so fingers crossed! Thank you for your help!

Let us know if it worked for you!

I will do, I had to update and restart client after these steps, still no overwatch 2 though (massive tease) But it’s only been an hour so hopefully soon it works!

My accounts are connected correctly, I received beta access via Twitch, it has been over 2 hours and I have no updates and no OW2 in the dropdown…

I claimed my OW2 beta access on Twitch, but I realized my linking was bugged. On Twitch it showed I was connected, but it didn’t show a name and on I wasn’t connected at all. I fixed this, but I had already claimed access. Will this be a problem or do I just wait?

My accounts are connected correctly, I received beta access via Twitch, it has been over 2 hours and I have no updates and no OW2 in the dropdocwn…

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