Still cant install app, faulty agent.exe32

so its been about 2 weeks of me trying to troubleshoot this problem ive followed every recommended solution i can find a post about on this forum.
turned off all firewall antiviruses killed every non essential program and service, deleted all files retaining to anything blizzard related and downloaded a fresh installer. Nothing works it launches the installer then gets stuck on updating agent, if i go into the app data folder while its running it is just constantly deleting and reinstalling agent.exe that coincides with Agent.exe32 closing in processes and relaunching

Hey, Combat!

It doesn’t appear you are reaching the patch service and that you are using an old installer version. Make sure to delete any trace of the older app version from your system, then use the newest installer from the website:

If you still have issues after that, contact us at and we can take a deeper look into why your connection is being blocked.

i have the current installer and a old version of a compessed battlenet version. i can unzip a old version of the app into my files log in but then it will get stuck on the update process if i try a current exe version of the installer it just gets stuck updating agent.

also like i said ive gone thru every type of troubleshooting you guys offer on your forums, deleting cache and all files relating to battle net or blizzard ent, taking down my firewalls both on windows defender and router, port forwarding, uninstalling antivirus software, running as a administrator, creating a new windows login, enabline wmi services and using cmd to use countless different commands your forums state to use to fix the problem. Even running WinMTR to both patch and actual servers shows no connection drops to either, there is only one of your bnet ips i actually get data loss from but its not the patch ip

| WinMTR statistics |

Host - % Sent Recv Best Avrg Wrst Last - 0 276 276 0 0 2 0 - 0 276 276 4 10 24 8 - 0 276 276 4 11 33 9 net - 0 276 276 4 11 25 9 net - 0 276 276 8 16 32 14
lag-9.bear1.Boston1.Level3 net - 97 57 2 0 13 14 13
ae-2-3211.edge7.Paris1.Level3 net - 0 276 276 97 104 135 105
BLIZZARD-EN.edge7.Paris1.Level3 net - 0 276 276 96 105 219 105
ae1-br02-eqpa4.as57976 net - 0 276 276 108 118 179 134
et-0-0-3-br02-eqam1.as57976 net - 0 276 276 107 117 172 115
et-0-0-67-pe01-eqam1.as57976 net - 1 272 271 109 120 186 180 - 0 276 276 111 117 143 115 - 1 272 271 111 115 128 114
________________________________________________ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______

WinMTR v0.92 GPL V2 by Appnor MSP - Fully Managed Hosting & Cloud Provider

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Im having the same problems left the update over night and it completed noting tried again today uninstalled and reinstalled and it has been suck on 7%

its kinda funny how many people are actually experiencing this problem in the last 2 weeks of me reading forums since i started having it, who knows how long its been going on before then but around 80% of people actually who have the problem know how to troubleshoot the problem and end up with the same answer from a blizz employee…

Here have a link to what could be the issue i hope it fixes the problem just for them to after state plz contact support for help. also the majority of people who just had to delete the files and reinstall had no problem after anyone else gets no real answer just redirects to more links to what could be the problem i know what the problem is, bad programming on blizzards side that tends to conflict with ISP’s

I should go find the 3 or 4 different posts where a employee will say" we acknowledge the problem with “insert multiple ISP names” and we will be addressing it after "blizcon or during next patch"sadly some of us are still waiting

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I was having the same issues where I couldn’t download updates or games from battlenet with my comcast ISP, but it worked just fine on my cellphone hotspot. So I had comcast come out today and check the hardware. I figured it was a long shot since all my other internet activity worked great, just couldnt connect to blizzard servers. The tech said everything looked good. But he did swap out the modem/router combo I had which was 4.5 years old (same one I had since initial installation). I didnt think it would help, but i didn’t think it would hurt either.

Sure enough, as soon as I got on the new network, the Hearthstone install that was perpetually ‘waiting’ to start kicked off. So swapping out the router completely fixed it for me. So if you have Comcast, it wouldnt hurt to have them come out and check the line and swap out the modem. It didn’t cost me anything. Hopefully this works for you guys too.

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I have been running into the same issue for the last few days after doing a full PC reset. I changed the default download location for my browser. I changed the settings in my browser to change the downloads location, closed browser and started again, started the download for the launcher and it was done in seconds.

Hope this helped, it was super frustrating to deal with!