Still banned after being unbanned ( falsely ban )

during an OW match, I was banned for “hacks” so I made a ticket and within an hour I was unbanned. I have never bought cheats and have had the account since 2019, 7 hours later I still have the " account banned " notice on overwatch even though they said my ban was an error and I can play again. I don’t know what to do and I am scared to lose a nice account over false reports of cheating.


Bump. Same thing happened to me!

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This seems to be a common theme.

bruh same thing has happened to me whats going on

Bump again, because I’ve never really used the forums before and not sure where to make my own post. Don’t even want to because I know the overwatch community. They’ll just believe the system is flawless and claim we were cheating. I’ve been playing since 2016. I’ve spent money on loot boxes, battlepasses, and shop bundles. The amount of time and hours I’ve accumulated, achievements unlocked. They really think I’d risk that just to cheat? I’m pretty sure I was just mass reported because, again, knowing overwatch players, they got mad about something. Same happened to my ticket, an automated response saying they checked again and they are right and the decision is final. I have never had any sort of cheats or hacks. I’m miserably sad that my 7 years experience is going down the drain like this.