Status Not Showing In Game

Hi friends!

For some time now my Battlenet Friends List has not been displaying my game activity to my friends. When I launch something like Modern Warfare or WoW Classic, it still says I am just Online, not playing the game I have launched from the Bnet app.

I found a few legacy threads where reinstalling Bnet, scanning your registry, or deleting Battlenet and Blizzard folders were recommended. Those steps, along with signing in and out, have not produced any results.

Any help would be much appreciated!



Yes this is happening to myself as well.
When I launch a game, it doesn’t show I’m playing a game.

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Does anyone still encounter this? I’m getting this issue with WoW Classic - doesn’t show me as playing the game and the Play button is enabled while the game is running.

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Did anyone ever find a fix for this issue? I’ve been having it.
I put in a ticket about a month ago and I have tried some things like uninstalling, clearing all the files, etc. I even tried the latest solution, which was to create a new admin account, to no avail.

This affects every game that I try to play in the app.

I have the same issue, not showing the game im playing just saying im Online. Anyone seen a fix to this? I made a ticket but no one is replying

This is so RIDICULOUSLY stupid. We’ve been having this issue for YEARS and there isn’t ONE SINGLE RESPONSE WITH A SOLUTION, ANYWHERE! What kind of a launcher doesn’t have the option to hide/show game details?! What a JOKE

I think it does have an option to toggle that but it is VERY hard to find.

On the Website here under account settings go to Privacy and Communications.

At the VERY bottom is a setting to make your Bnet Profile Public, etc. I think that setting controls who can see what game you are playing.

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