Stash or inventory bigger

how long do we have to wait for a bigger stash or inv…


This isn’t something that Technical Support, or any support channel, would have any information on.

You would need to ask in the official discussion location for DI.

That said, the most recent Developer Q&A talked about the current plans for increased stash space.

I will not create an account on a third party platform just to submit feedback for a game i paid for. if its not been seen then, it is what it is. I just continue to call them a Scam.

My purpose here was simply to educate you, or anyone else who happens by, that support would not have that information, and to provide the proper location to ask.

You cared enough to ask in the first place. But if it’s easier for you to simply write it off as some sort of “scam” then it is to put your feedback in the proper place, that’s your prerogative, Rain.

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