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Rank versus section must not include A.I.s because they are not perfect and yet, they are perceptible. You can realize it if you do always the same game to avoid lose. Until they cheat simulating difficult. The same game may become boring.

For example, if you do not scout every part of the map around you and attack, you may face an apparition group of units killing you from the black area. Similar but not an usual proxy.

The difficult of the game becomes different if you scout the map or not. The A.I.s use the black/fog area in a wrong way, they do not always respect unit’s speed to walk on the map, and they may change your resources and delete your units when you change the camera. (Considering it is not an actual bug because it happens when you are Ranking up and not when you are in a lower rank position)

1 - The resources and population must never lose the Correct Math along Real Time.
2 - It must never use wrong calculation to simulate any difficult.
3 - If you do this you are creating a game for non-rational people, and it is insane.

Did anybody play with the NMW (No Matter What) A.I.?
They are waiting for you with fake names in the wrong Versus menu section.
They are not real players, and they are getting angry if you attack soon.

No A.Is. inside Rank section!!! My wish.
It is semantically wrong, out of their section.

Trying to classify Ranked Players:

  • There are players that plays one after another along the day. (You can face a NMW)
  • There are players that plays 4 or 8 along the day.
  • There are players that plays 1 or 2 Ranked games by day.
  • There are players that just started to learn.
  • There are …?

So, once again, thinking about how many must be RANKED:
The best solution is the one that fits all kind of players and Blizzard purposes.

Players at the same level may be not be ready every time in a day. So, why not Rank the ones in a fixed time? Can you imagine the audience? The desire for bigger events by streamers and non-players?

I thought a bit and got that a certain number of matches like 2 Ranked by day or 3 by week should work to Rank fairly players who want it to be done.

A specific region time like 17h and 20h on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (other) to Rank players for bigger Monthly, Semestral, and Annual events. Sometime that regionally fits streamers and Blizzard days and time. Everything transparent, recorded (Video Type Format like AVI, MPEG4, .MOV and Etc… not Actual Replay Format) , downloadable or online reproducible.

Transparence, Enjoyability and Blizzard’s Profits.