Starcraft: Remastered's Success; Warcraft: Reforged's Failure, What can we Learn for Diablo 2: Ressurected?

SCR was a big success. It revived the old game and the pros are loving it. It’s especially huge in Korea.

WCR didn’t do so hot.

What’s the difference?

With starcraft, the developer team stayed humble and focused. They knew SC was great, and all they did was update the spritesheets.

With warcraft, they got too ambitious. Instead of making the graphics sharper and clearer, they made them gaudy, distracting, and hard to read.

With Diablo 2, all you have to do is do the same thing you did to Starcraft. Update the spritesheets and nothing else!

The only other thing you should do is fix the “wave 2 xp bug”.

You could also implement a $10 per expanded stash tab per account microtransaction. I guarantee this will be a big hit and people won’t mind paying for 10 slots, which will make big money for Blizzard. Everyone will be happy.

Never happen thay are not going to waste $ on d2

I am not sure but when you find out some rumors post them here.