Starcraft MMO/RTS Suggestion

This post will be a detailed idea for a Starcraft MMO that would combine aspects of RTS and maybe even spaceship combat.

Players would create characters based on race: Terran Zerg Protoss

Then Specialize as certain archetypes

Terran : Combat Bonus/Psionic
Zerg : Infested Psionic/Changeling/Queen
Protoss : Zealot/Dark Templar/High Templar

Some thoughts here would be that the psionic would obviously have more abilities with cooldowns or mana requirements where as the combat roles would be more like a first person shooter. The infested Zerg would be able to communicate and blend in with Terran and Protoss if they wished, the changeling would also be able to change to any form Zerg, or human, and the Queen would be able to brew up NPC units. I havent though much about archetypes for the Protoss but it could be similar to the Terrans.

Then a job would be selected

The jobs would specify how the game is played out. Soldiers would be able to recruit NPC Units, Mechanics would be able to pilot Ground vehicles and salvage resources from destroyed equipment maybe provide bonuses to workers in the area or even harvest minerals at a faster pace then NPC’s, Pilots would be able to pilot Spacecraft, and Commanders would be able to build mining facilities cities, and bases. I imagine it as the commanders would be looking into the world like a Starcraft 2 map and placing buildings such as barracks, command centers, defensive structures, while the other jobs are more like WoW walking around as more or less heroes on the map. Players could create guilds, clans, ect. and the resources could all be shared with the clan to create a teamwork environment. I also thought it would be cool for players to board aircraft piloted by other players that selected the pilot job. The players could then walk around the spacecraft while the pilot is flying it, maybe even man guns on board the ship. Additionally it would be neat if you had to recruit a pilot to take you to another planet. You would have to modify the mechanic role for the Zerg at least to something of more like a biomass engineer or something. Ideally it would be like a massive Starcraft match going on for multiple worlds and space platforms, the worlds would change based on which race controlled the map. Zerg infested maps would have creep everywhere.

That’s about it. Tell me what you guys think. I think Blizzard could pull this off and if the graphics were on par with WoW I think it would be amazing.