Starcraft II Crashes consistently with Custom Game

I just built a new desktop - 13th gen i9, 64GB RAM, NVIDIA 4080 Graphics Card. When I go to play a custom game, I choose a Blizzard Map (Megaton). The whole computers crashes and restarts. No error message. I didn’t even try to start the game - just selected the Megaton map to look at it, and within a few seconds the whole computer crashes. I haven’t had any other software cause a crash. I have the latest drivers, but it is still happening.

I tried to link to the LogGoblin logs, but it says I can’t post a link to this!

Please help!



This forum is to report bugs on the Battle.Net Desktop App; to get help with a Starcraft II issue, you should post in the SC2 Technical Support forum:

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P.S. : the crashing and re-starting of your PC may be a sign that there is a hardware issue… see this Blizzard Support Article here: