Starcraft expansion vs starcraft remastered

having original starcraft can i play against a friend who has remastered starcraft?

Hello, I started playing Starcraft using the free 2 play game, with a freind who owns starcraft remastered. As long as it is in a custom game lobby (like in oldschool Starcraft), you can join no problem. The only mode you can’t play is ranked/matchmaking play.

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Ok, I´m new playing Batlenet. When u mean ranked/matchmaking play is Batlenet?.
Thanks in advance

No, I mean actual ranked/play mode (leagues and such). All the online modes like custom lobbies and such are part of

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Ok, when we enter the Batlenet we can chat with my friend who has the SC remastered, but when we enter Join the game, the same games dont appear and we can not join the same game or one created by us. What can we do?