StarCraft 2 API issue returning null played_race_count data


I’ve been making use of the StarCraft 2 API for some time now and am eager to get everything finished however I’ve noticed there are some potential issues with the returned data from the ladder endpoint.

Here is the URL request used:

Here is the missing data returned:

"played_race_count" => [
  0 => [
    "race" => null
    "count" => 39

You can see within the response above that the ‘race’ key returns null for each individual team member. This request does seem to work for EU but not any of the other regions.

Any help debugging this would be much appreciated!!

I don’t see null races in the provided link. I also don’t see any unmarshalling errors in my logs, and I scan all regions, including CN. Can you give a code example? Like repo link or something like that.