Spear Flurry Glitch in Kikura's Rapids and others

There is a glitch I noticed since the last update before the current one where Spear Flurry causes everybody, players and monsters to vanish off the raft in Kikura’s Rapids. I’ve asked the other players and they said I look like I’m afk. However, on my screen I have nothing to fight. I can provide 2 images for proof. Also I would like to point out that on the PC, not mobile, there is a glitch that happens randomly in dungeon elevator scenes where I’m running backwards constantly and the only way to fix it is to constantly hold the move button to override it. Another bug is that it’s the same thing as the movement glitch, but I’m constantly attacking and pressing the mouse does not override it this time. If any moderators are reading this, please notify NetEase, thank you.

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