Sound problem on the phone

I have a sound problem. crackles and modulates with each sound made. I don’t have the problem in other games. samsung galaxy s22+.

One of the most common causes of issues with Diablo Immortal is missing resources/data for areas you are attempting to access. The solution to this is making sure you have downloaded all available resource packs. You can do this from the main login screen by pressing the download button on the right side of the screen.

If you have all resources downloaded and the issue persists, the next step will be to run the repair tool for the app.

Click on the tools icon on the right side of the screen at the main login and follow that process. Please note, this will remove all downloaded resources during the repair process so you will need to redownload the resources again once the repair process is complete.

Powering down the device and then starting it back up can often solve these types of issues.

Can you switch between Cellular and a WiFi network. See if the issue persists on both network types. If the issue appears only on one connection type, then it is an issue with that connection specifically. for Cellular you would need to work with the Cell data provider. For WiFi, you would need to look at the WiFi Network.

For Android devices you can go into the app storage settings (swipe down from the top, press the gear symbol) and clear the cache and data cache for the app. This can remove corrupt user data or client settings and should return the app to default setup.

If that doesn’t work, let’s go ahead and uninstall, then reinstall the game application. I recommend restarting the phone after uninstalling.

Now this is not a step we recommend lightly but if you are comfortable with the process you can try doing a complete factory reset of the device and then load only core apps and the client. This means setting the device up as new and not syncing previous cloud settings.

Troubleshooting mobile devices is pretty limited, if we have a clean install of the app and the issue persists on multiple connection types, there may be a glitch or issue with the with the client on that specific device type. Both of these situations would need to be reported to our QA teams via the Bug Report forums on our website:

I reinstalled the game and this not help!
I dont want to resset my phone because this happens only on this game!

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