Sorcerer Essence Offhands

Icon of Synchronicity bugged

Its supposed to translate the damage absorb shield to group members.
Your own shield is 33% of your maximum HP.

Group members only seem to get a 3% shield. Another comma error.
A huge joke and a slap in the face for sorcerer class comparing this essence with a 5x 100% negate group shield from the necromancer.

Offhand Essence “Heart of the Storm” is completely useless compared to “Winters Eye”
It also loses the absorb shield, only hits 4 targets for marginally higher damage and has no control component.

“Chaosrupture” is supposed to be a star instead of a black hole. It explodes simulating a supernova in the game I guess, but I imagine if you get close to a star it also has pretty strong gravity and its pretty hot I think, overall pretty pointless essence for a cooldown that long.

I bet sorcerer was rushed, I found so many bugs with it, and weak skills that can be interrupted so easily.
The electric orb modification for scorch is completely useless, the orb is too slow, the area way to small.

All the sorcerers in other diablo games have a fire hydra. Convert one of the pointless essences into a long lasting pet hydra, since almost all classes have a pet or insane crowd control immunity. Sorcerer has neither.

Fix the sorcerer class please.
Thank you.

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