Sooo are we just going to ignore the biggest botting platform?

Everyone knows about [Edited by Blizzard], why can’t you all patch this thing for good? You’re a smart team, enable the anti cheat again. Ban all of the cdkeys. Let’s face it, if you ban the cdkeys you are digging into the heart of their operation - accounts don’t matter. Especially if they have an automated program that walks them through the game without lifting a finger.

What are you all doing about this?

  • patch? - would last 24 hours before being configured to bot again
  • enable anti cheat again? - would ban all accounts, cdkeys etc that were touched by the program client ( suggested )
  • do nothing - keep everything as is and let your fan base shrink even more so
  • proxy ban ( suggested ) there’s a lot more proxies that are working that need blocked


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They have essentially given up on combating the botting issue with Diablo 2. Blizzard North lost the games source code before the games release, making it more difficult to make changes to the game to combat exploits and fix other major and minor issues.

They have been “working on it” for over a year now without any other details or even a simple ETA. Here’s a brief list of things they say they are working on:
1: Queue issues
2: 64bit problem (MacOS)

Recoding the game to 64bit without a source code? Yeah right. The game is being rewritten. Something is coming.

Blizzconline February 19-20! Hopefully we get some good news then. :crossed_fingers:

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Maybe they will release a packaged up wine wrapper for MacOS.

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Careful of TheDarkJedi. Their heart is in the right place. So, you can wholeheartedly trust them. What worries me is their godly level faith which is focused on a D2 remaster. Blizzard has a lot in their developer pipeline(s), yet I am highly skeptical of a remaster.

If you Google a bit, there is talk that MS Windows may be about to experience one of its greatest OS core changes… There is talk that Windows may go the way of Linux. This will have a huge effect on the OS’s landscape/application(s).

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Diablo two will never get remastered or remade you guys got to get that crap out of your head and as for d2s battle net it’s going to suffer the same fate as Diablo one everything that has a beginning has an end and besides there’s not one online video game out there today that’s cheater free that’s why online video gaming is dead it’s for millennials and generation Z that don’t know how to do anything but sit behind a computer or a smart phone we need more off-line single player games then if you want to cheat more power to them this younger generation is just nothing but a cancer.bunch of spoiled rotten brats that act like they’re entitled when they’re entitled to nothing

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I’m curious what your negative Nancy message will change to when a Remaster is released/announced. :thinking:

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I will adapt. Evolve I shall. I am not a stone which lays dormant and which gathers moss. Well, unless it is Kate Moss. :relaxed:

Resistance is futile. :space_invader:

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stop reposting this as it is not the reason you can edit dlls / exes even if you do not have source so no its not the reason

you cannot “patch” away issues if any binary is released to the public it will be r/e’ed

does nothing
check for any changes in client if found = stop
observe and document input work around


thread = closed

Oh whoops, I apologize for mentioning the name of the platform.

I appreciate you reading my thread though <3

So you want a company to try to secure an ancient 20 year old framework against today’s level hacks … that’s fundamentally flawed as a concept. Especially when the multi million dollar per month cash cow is giving birth to shadowlands at the moment. … D2 players should be grateful the platform has existed for decades in homage to the grandfather of them all, rather than crying about bots and nerd coins … If you want to play a secure stable perfect game then Diablo 2 is not for you, I suggest one of the more recent titles. These realms are for true fans of the game at this point and they’re not going to be around forever. I want to thank blizzard for keeping them turned on not ask for expensive irrelevant server fixes

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OMG , all you people do is cry all day long, LOL i think its funny, because blizz aint gonna do squat. get a new hobby your wasting your time (wont be back to read any pathetic responses)