Some suggests for future wow expansions

I am looking forward to playing Dragonflight when it comes out. but I noticed that may be a good area to start considering player housing… It has been asked for, ever since Vanilla.

Lets face it. you hit max level and well, you don’t have much to do. since it is a MMORPG… where is the RPG? Some of us play wow for the RPG side of things, We level as we need to but we are not entirely focused on being the top of the charts. We want to socialize with our virtual friends. maybe have a virtual family and a virtual shop. Yes, DragonFlight will have something along the lines of shop for our trades. I am looking forward to that. but what about the other parts of RPG?

I applaud the return of the talent trees. but no one explained if we go to our class trainer to learn skills. I like that part of the game too. That way we buy the skills we need. that makes it a bit more challenging by giving us choices.

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