Some one hacked my blizzard account

i was playing match and suddenly disconnected and when i re login it says you account is not found i try to recover my account some change login password and email i try to recover with my phone number i was already removed please help me to recover my account i have all the information if you need any verification i am willing to provide all information please help me to recover my account i spend a lot of money on that account


You will need to contact Blizzard Support… account issues cannot be resolved on the forums.

See this support note:

Also, you will probably need to provide some sort of ID to prove you are the owner of the account; see this support note:

(You need to cover some parts of the ID… note the text in red)

Hello; I signed on to, on the USWest server, and when I entered the character lobby, bonus to attack rating was replacing “Create new character.” and then the software crashed, displaying an error report. This has happened on single player, and on both the USEast, and Europe servers; I can’t get past the character screen on any of them, so far.