Some of the WORST customer service I've ever had from you all!

I’ve had some of the WORST customer service from this company recently. I submitted a ticket for a silence in game that lasted 24hrs. The GM never told me what I was silenced for. I sent in another ticket asking what I was silenced for and what not and they again NEVER told me what happened. This also occured AGAIN on the Overwatch forums. No email. Nothing. This is the WORST company service I’ve received from you all in a long time. Very disappointed. If this continues I won’t be paying a godd*mn dime to your company.

A week ago on WoW? I got silenced for “abusive chat”. Asked in the ticket what it was. Note that I had JUST logged on and I noticed people saying egg in the chat. I was wondering what was going on. Next thing you know the AUTOMATED SILENCE SYSTEM disconnects me to the login screen. I log back in and type into chat and see im silenced. I’ve sent in TWO tickets and haven’t gotten ONE answer. The so called GM even said they double-checked and they won’t take further action to remove anything. I still don’t know WHAT I got silenced for. BAD BUSINESS…!!

On the Overwatch forums? I barely post but when I do? It’s about a suggestion to be added to the game. Recent was Pink Mercy request. I got banned for a month for god knows what.