Some glitches and a request

I’m not sure if I can post any videos, so far I noticed two visual glitches in RRR. In New Mojave planet there’s some very distinct “vertical bands” through the maps when the sandstorm starts.

Also, when it changed the planets, a blue mine appeared for no reason when the screen was scrolling for the ship launch.

I’m playing on the Switch Version. Not sure about other ports.

And please. Add an save function for the definitive version.

If I can post a video, let me know.

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Hey PoPKone,

Once you have a video uploaded somewhere, you can paste the URL here and use the “Preformatted text” markdown on it. That’s the </> symbol in the toolbar.

For example:

Thanks friend. I was playing just now and just encountered another bug. - Vertical banding artifacts and the blue mine when travelling to another planet. - Music overlapping glitch on chip mode. The damn “Power of the Horde” devoured the other music for 3 or 4 consecutive games, 'til I finally changed to “CD”. Played another game and changed back to chip.

Not sure what triggered anything. I was playing quite normally.

Hope it can helps!


I own the Ps4 version and i have experienced audio glitches, while playing chip soundtrack the song “Power of the Horde” overlaps the other songs for three or four consecutive races, so i had to switch back to CD
I haven’t experienced visual glitches yet, they might be there but nothing like the bugs mentioned above

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