SOLVED! Infinite Loading Screen (Galaxy S9)

Ever since the update yesterday, Hearthstone would launch normally but get stuck on a neverending loading screen (Galaxy S9). I’ve tried reinstalling it on uninterrupted wifi connection, as well as mobile data, but still the same issue. We also have a Galaxy S8+ in the household that updated successfully via Tmobile mobile data (on the same family plan as the S9). We have followed any advice online, and still no luck! Any help would be very much appreciated. We are eager to play battlegrounds!

Thank you!


Update 5/13/2020
We found a solution online!
I’ll paste below:

Go to settings>connections>mobile connections >access point names.
Add a new access point named whatever you want.
Copy all the info from the current access point to use in the new one. The only difference is to change the “APN Protocol” from IPv6 to “IPv4/IPv6.” Save this access point and connect to it instead of the other ( Probably named “T-mobile US LTE.”
Should get you playing again.
NOTE: I am not responsible if you jack your phone up or do this wrong. In such a case, I suggest going back to original access point. I am NOT affiliated with Blizzard, Tmobile or any other anything. I’m just a dude