[SOLVED!] Authenticator "Setting up.." forever error

I have this issue where no matter what I try after I try to setup the authenticator it just goes to the “Setting up” screen and then sits there with the blizzard logo spinning forever. Now through my communications with blizzard staff they have informed me that I should post it on here as it cannot be resolved by them since it’s a server side issue and not an issue with my phone. I have had this very same authenticator work for years before, so it definitely used to function properly, apparently something has changed server side since then.

Let me be very clear, this is a VERY common error that hasn’t been resolved. I don’t know what it could be on the server side, however the one thing I can say and I don’t know if this will help but before it goes to that screen after I put in my email and password it goes through eu.battle.net, which I’m not sure it should since I play on the NA servers. So that might be something to look into.

Please resolve this issue as soon as possible, this error has made it impossible for a lot of us to log in. And before you ask I have taken all the sets laid out via reinstalling, resetting and everything, multiple times.

SOLUTION: You will need an active phone number NOT A VoIP! Now, what you need to do is go through all the beginning steps until you get to the “setting up…” part, then click back. What it should do is send you to your web browser with a blizzard authenticator address. Fill everything out and that will get it to work after you go through all the steps. Once that’s done simply go back into your authenticator and it will pop up the new attached numbers and codes.

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It might be due to a mobile virus, take the phone to the Service Provider (e.x. Verizon, AT&T) , do not attempt to do a factory reset yourself.

I don’t use any mobile providers, strictly wifi. And I have anti-virus running on my phone, as well as anti-malware. So if were anything of that nature it would have been picked up. Not to mention everything else works perfectly well.