Solution for players and TPTB

Hello, I’d like to request a feature that I think will benefit everyone. Instead of forcing the expiration of characters when someone is unable to login, can there be an option to pay for the 4-6mb that each character file takes up on the server? I’d rather have the option to pay $10 or $20/year for premium features (enhanced /f list?) than suffer with the current system that’s in place! When I have little time to play, it’s nearly insufferable to have to spend a substantial amount of it making sure no mules get deleted (and finding that some are when some are overlooked). There’d be far less people complaining about having their files deleted, too! Less work for Blizzard with more revenue, is that not a win/win?

And yes, I know. The files aren’t really ours. It’s a sick game we all play.

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