SOD Farm Bots and counter solutions to them

It’s no secret that blizzard loves bots and is egging on the use of bots to casual players, whether they want to use them or not. But why not give a little love to the players who actually want to play the game and for that matter, their professions? There are some easy solutions that will let blizzard keep their precious bots, while still not forcing the real players to leave from inability to fully enjoy the game.

Solution Numeral Uno: Unlock the ability for everyone to jump layers, using a drop down menu and add up to 50 extra layers. That way no matter how many bots are on, there will always be a free layer to gather your own profession mats or get the recipe that takes 5 hours to respawn and people who want to play/quest alone would also benefit from it.

Solution Number Two: Make all high value veins, flowers and finite recipes infinitely respawn. Crash this silly one-sided market you’re forcing the rest of us into, alot of us would like to gather our own mats and not spend 60-100+ gold just for a single mat (I’m looking at you Arcanite Bars). Blizzard wouldn’t even have to restart the servers for a change that painlessly easy. Also for those that would say they’d just sit on one mine and never get up, they’ll get up. you only have so much inventory space on a toon and they’ll have to empty their pockets at some point.

Solution Numeral 3 or whatever: Just shove all known/flagged and reported bots in a special bot only layer of a server. If a real player gets stuck in there, they can just support ticket out of it. Should be pretty easy to tell if they’re a bot by looking at their account activity log (bots don’t need sleep or a break).

What other solutions would y’all have for dealing with the bot problem, without banning them?

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