So what other reasons could be for the bad Queue ladders?

Been thinking about other reasons beside the botters. If they are planning on moving D2 to the launcher, could they be limiting or throttling the bandwidth while they work on installing those servers to the launcher? I have no clue if testing that system would really take up much time, as it should be fairly easy to do.

But at this point, there has to be more on the admin side then just bots causing these issues. Yes, the bots make it way worse, but I just believe after this long, and resetting lasts 1 to 2 days at tops, there is something else going on. Cant see anything in the last group of patches that would cause major issues. I know they lost the original source code, but that shouldnt be causing serious problems like this.

They could be dwindling down the servers by hoping people leave from issues. But then why would they still be selling the game on their website? I thought they would of killed D2 after the launch of D3 to force people to buy the game, but they didnt. So I dont think that is the case for these issues either.

Any other ideas besides “Bots” or “Activision/Blizz is a bad company” response? Both of those ideas have been stated plenty and nothing new will come from restating them for a million more times.


Pre queue era:
Blizzard was keeping enough server capacity for both legitimate players and bots in order to keep the legitimate players happy.

Start of queue era:
As time went on, the bots versus player ratio grew as players moved on to other games. Blizzard decided it was time to clamp down on server capacity. This affected regions with more bot to player ratios first. (Asia, followed by US-East, and now US-West.)

The legitimate players have gotten tired of the queues, and for the most part they have stopped playing. The bots on the other hand don’t care about the queues and will keep playing while their master is at work/sleeping/vacation or whatever. I’m sure Blizzard is keeping notes.

I get the feeling that what is going on is the eventual disbanding of the old Bnet server software to prepare and move Diablo 2 over to the new server infrastructure.

The benefits of moving to the new server software would include improved netcode and possibly enhanced ability to detect bots. You have to remember, Diablo 2 was originally designed to be played with dial-up connection bandwidth, a literal pinhole sized pipe in comparison to the storm-drain sized pipes that the majority of people have now.

I have a feeling that good things are coming soon.


For me, the enjoyment comes from enduring the difficult task of building a character from nothing to godly status. The game gets boring when I’m decked out with godly gear. Once I reach this point, the season ends for me and I’ll find something else to do. This timeframe can be anywhere from 2-4 months, depending on how much I play and of course how much Lady Luck works in my favor.

Call me crazy, but I wipe out all of my chars/mules at the end of every ladder, for I have absolutely no desire to play non-ladder.


i used to enjoy dueling with my gozu gear on high lvl chars my buds n i have had awsome fun in non ladder as well ladder or non its a personal choice to play with competitive and nasty people(majority in ladder)or chilled gamers in non ladder its ladder only content that makes ladder worthwhile

its not it - its sever side

take makes no sense if its a launcher or exe you can skill do a lot.

its unknown why this is happening buts its server side, my guess is a misconfiguration somewhere.

something broke and its not a high on the work stack

there has been many patches but the game does get invisible updates that most users dont see. The devs are still quite active in patching known dupes and exploits. These do not require a patch as in 1.14d -> 1.15

ROFLROFLROFL you know they lost the source code lol cool story bro what a load of roflroflrofl

the source code is not lost. diablo 2 is made with a few different programming languages, most of the time they use torrents to move source code around or some kind of internal repository. you dont know what your talking about kid


d2 > d3

your an idiot and one of the reasons why this forum is known for people who post on topics that solutions are already known or willfully blind to truth.

Yeah, they did lose the source code and the original art assets during the development of Diablo 2 due to a corrupted backup. Do some Google kung-fu and you’ll find numerous articles about it.

The game was almost destroyed by this event, but somehow they managed to pull the rabbit out of the hat anyways.

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“They Lost it”

My guess is that it was a calculated effort to prevent job loss and preserve their product and their masterpiece…

Nobody knows wth is going on. The only known fact is after in-game chat was fixed, queues appeared immediately at 2k. Bots have nothing to do with the queue issues. Bots are not some struggle Blizz has no idea how to deal with. Bots inject code to game memory. A simple activation of Warden and subsequent ban wave would take care of the bots. It’s that simple. And if bots were the problem, that’s how it would have already been dealt with.

bliz stopped using warden because warden has been reverse engineered and fully countered. Not to mention you can detect when warden downloads to the client / scanning memory. You can just disallow injection if it is detected. Turning on warden will show just a clean client. It all does not matter because there is soooo much documention on how warden works on the internet and pages on how to bypass it that there is zero point. You CANNOT prevent bots on the internet its just not possible. Sorry but this shows just how little you know :frowning:

You cannot trust the client. If you want code that is 100% secure write it and destroy it.

If you want a 100% bot free game then dont build any games and it will be bot free.

oh and that was 2010…

Perhaps what is needed is an imbedded Warden client in the game which the information is not only encrypted, but required for the maintained connection between server and client in order to play on Of course this would require a complete rewrite to both the game client and server hosting software for the game. The Warden data would therefore be constantly transmitted regardless if Blizzards data collection servers are active or not. Periodic updates of the game would be needed to change the encryption algorithm to keep hackers on their toes. On the client end, they would not be able to tell if Blizzard is collecting the data or not. If this signal is blocked or faked, it would be known, the connection would be severed with possible consequences following.

This constant stream of data is possible without causing gameplay problems considering Diablo 2 as it is right now was designed to play on the bandwidth available to dial-up access. There aren’t too many that still use that pinhole of a pipe anymore.

Hmm… A complete rewrite of the game client… :thinking:

warden is dynamic and is downloaded to the game client on login, warden is imbedded in the game client and even scans for known keyloggers but its much less powerful now then it was.

encryption does not matter here because the code needs to be executed and you can capture that as its going into the cpu

computer says no…

warden is fully countered the system DOES NOT WORK google : “cguard”

were are you getting this bs from?
unbreakable encryption already exists (aes-256) BUT IT DOES NOT MATTER because code needs to be pushed and poped all the actions can be recorded you can rebuild the software and reverse engineer it as its running. You can have fully encrypted programs BUT THEY CANT RUN and if its not running ITS NOT DOING ITS JOB. At best you can make reverse engineering harder but you cannot prevent it.

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ok ok lets say you are playing and decide to pull out your ethernet cable? Now you dissconnected from the realm / what happens omg your account is banned.

Your internet cuts out = your account is banned.

you lose power = your account is banned.

when i say the word ban i mean ACCOUNT CLOSED [ 8 ] due to this flawed system.

Hmmm ya not happening that idea is brain damage. stop posting spam to the forums


you just posted garbage that has no logic

why dont you actually research what you want done before you post so you can know how ridiculous it is

also it just shows how little you actually know about automation / security / or d2 itself

By your constant insulting attitude, I can see that you are only seeking a confrontation. Your half-wit knowledge that you try and impress people with won’t get you very far with your aggressiveness. Get off of my screen.

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Other reason? Game play engineering.

Up until last month that dude though set items rolled eth.


This topic somehow brings some positivity and hope that was lost months ago, and it’s kinda nice and really needed after all that negative feedback and complains, but tbh i still think it’s kinda unrealistic.

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if your not going to have valid arguments or basic logic what is the point…

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It has never been from botters. Well, not from the bots themselves but from certain individuals spamming game creation packets in order to strong arm blizz into removing the feature that immediately perms games so that they can use old duping methods again.