So very frustrated

I gotta say, I been playing WoW a long time. I have massive amounts of love for the game, but lately that love is waning. I cancelled my subscription this month for the first time in a long time and have 14 days left. Today I thought I would attempt to find a reason to “hang about” and joined a low key on an alt trying to rekindle the love for the game.

Randomly, right before the final boss and after doing quite well on the meters as an assassination rogue, I had seen a message pop up to say the group had disbanded and I would be teleported to the nearest graveyard. Upon teleportation I sat at a loading screen for what seemed like a million years before finally closing the window. Any attempt to log back in has been wasted effort as it appears my server is down.

My question is this? For those of you still playing, what is keeping you going? This morning I wasted a considerable portion of my time as I have done so many times in the past and have nothing to show for it. Should WoW introduce some sort of reward system for people that experience unexpected outages? I mean this is a service I pay for - should the customer not have full access to the product outside of maintenance periods? Other games adopt this sort of thing for unplanned outages so why can the mighty Blizzard not come up with something to make players feel as though they aren’t wasting monumental amounts of time should something like this occur??

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