So today's Mini-maintenance still did not fix jack

Even after today’s maintenance (1/26/23) ALL realms are still showing as INCOMPATIBLE!!!

This is totally unacceptable. Did Microsoft break you guys? Take away the real coders?? Sure as heck looks it b/c this looks like a Windows update the way it’s going!!!


Since this an issue with a specific game, World of Warcraft, you need to post in WoW’s forums for the right teams/people to see it.

That said, that error message means that the game version on the server and on your game client do not match. Meaning, you need to install the update so that they do match.

If the launcher isn’t detecting an update, completely log out of it and close the launcher app. Make sure the Agent process sucessfully closes in your Task Manager. Then reopen and relog.

If that doesn’t work, follow the same steps, but additionally restart your system after closing the launcher.

We used to get compensated for downtime when WoW was unplayable. We have been unable to play WoW since the patch on Tuesday. From the looks of it, the fix isn’t being implemented until 9-10AM CST Thursday. So for 2 ENTIRE DAYS we’ve been unable to play a game that many of us have already paid for.

What are you going to compensate us with, Blizzard???

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