So No Remaster?

I Didnt See The Announcement

Nothing yet, they have said there wasn’t any Diablo news coming in June as rumored. In this case what wasn’t said is what may be important, that is them not saying anything along the lines of Diablo 2 not being remastered… Time will tell.

Of course it’s never going to happen never ever ever

I’m curious what your go-to nay-say will be if a remaster does happen? :man_shrugging:

Just saw this after watching the Brevik interview… The biggest problem with doing a remaster is not having a Blizzard North. It’s like when you ask a bunch of college students to build something a group of veteran programmers have done 20-25 years ago. It might look a touch like the classic but with 3D engines you change the way it feels. Everything from screen size, frame rate and animations. With Diablo 2 you have monster AI waiting at the Edge of the screen just outside of view, equipment and skills that might change the frame rate or animation for the characters as they progress to give the feeling of becoming faster and more powerful. Also the monsters all had individual hit boxes something that requires sprites. 3D engines just don’t work that way at all…

A D2 remaster would feel different…
for starters movements look different with 60 frames per seconds instead of 24…
With more pixels the look of character would be more cartoon-ish and people would realize that the sorc really does look like princess Jasmine from the animated movie Aladdin.
Skills that previously looked kinda good might look over the top by simply making them slightly more realistic.

You could already predict a backlash from the community once they realize an HD version of D2 wouldn’t look so good and feel different.

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Don’t get me wrong I love the idea… But I’m a realist and I see this as being really, really, really hard to pull off and do it well. No one wants a trash remaster and no one is asking for D2 to be remade. It would be wise to apply what we loved and miss from D2 and pour it into D4.

I suppose the only obvious path here would be:
1: Remaster announcement (questionable)
2: Hold off on preordering.
3: Wait until closer to release, watch game play footage.
4: Make your decision to preorder/purchase on release.

If a Diablo 2 remaster happens, I’m betting they are going to integrate/upgrade the original Diablo 2 game into the remastered version like they did for War3: Reforged/Starcraft Remastered in order to upgrade it to the new servers. If so, hopefully they learned from their War3 mistake.

If they remaster the game to be only played in the new and scrap the old version there would be riots in the forums… Someone would topple the statue in front of Blizzards headquarters… It would be ugly… lol

Leave the damn game alone, Blizz can’t be trusted

If they do it right, it could turn into a smashing success story for them. Look how many people are still playing this game 20 years later… Updating the UI/graphics, fixing some long standing bugs and introducing some much needed QoL improvements could bring a large crowd back to this game.

I have my doubts as well and will remain skeptical before purchasing if it is released.

I want loot filters and a damn charm pouch to free up space in the inventory, and a damn shared stash.

Blizzard does that : here you go peasants
Diablo fans: How dare you change things! YOU WILL FEEL MY WRATH IN THE FORUMS

A shared stash would likely be a guaranteed and welcome QoL change, as this would significantly cut down on the mule games their servers have to deal with along with easing the frustration and headaches of people losing their items midway through muling.

Loot filters for common/junk items would be nice.
I’m not sure how I feel about a dedicated charm stash though.