So I guess I uninstall?

So with my last game on Battlenet just becoming stagnant (Heroes of the Storm) and Blizzard has dumped Mac support at literally the weirdest time (the cheapest Macs are now AMAZING!!!). I guess I just uninstall Battlenet huh? Not going to bootcamp anymore since my next Mac will be an M1X big iMac and bootcamp won’t be available. So I guess bye Blizzard thanks for the years of enjoyment?

Loved Diablo 2, Wow, Starcraft 2, Warcraft 3 (and even reforged) and Heroes of the Storm. I will have no idea how Diablo 2 remastered is, Overwatch 1(I must admit I still had fan love and played in bootcamp but then stopped) and 2 , Any new call of duty or Activision game, Diablo 4 and the Classic arcade due to lack of support for my system even though Blizzard has supported it for YEARS!!! So I mean just from my pocket you have lost what like 300 bucks minimum? Multiplied times say the 6 million M1 Macs which can play every Blizzard game easily at full graphics even without native support (if you would fix the ground area effect graphic for heroes of the storm…geez been like 8 months now??) and you have lost say 1.25 billion dollars ( say 250 bucks for like 6 games times 5 million ONLY M1 Mac owners …6 million have been sold so far so say 1 million will never play a game…dunno its flawed math but no matter how you look at it its like a billion buck minimum…)…this does not include the millions of older Mac users…) ? How is that good math or economics or just straight business ? Also, you have lost the future support of those players which is an un-measurable number… I was a DIEHARD fan and now I am uninstalling battlenet… sad