So, about playing my games I bought then

Allow me to share a series of events here:

  • T-minus 40 minutes - Happily playing my functionally dead game of DIablo 3
  • T-0 - Window pops up “An error occured”
  • T-Plus 10 seconds - I’m kicked to the Diablo 3 title screen and the log in button is greyed out
  • T-Plus 2 minutes - I let it sit and think, but all I can actually do is press escape and re-launch
  • T-Plus 3 minutes - I log into my… or TRY to: “We’ve placed you in a queue, please don’t close this window. Estimated wait time ~40 minutes”

Blizzard… or should I say ACTIVISION-Blizzard; if you insist upon taking away my ability to play my games that I paid for without your ever-watchful server looking over my shoulder at all times like a psychotic ex girlfriend… Then: your server had better bloody be up and running when I want to play my game I paid for. Signed; everyone who remembers the blessed before times when we could play games offline.


Blizzard is having a DDOS attack, everything’s crashed.

my favorite is when the queue hits 18-19 mins the window you’re supposed to keep open just randomly closes.

Here, where I live, the same thing is happening! (from Brasil).
I think the company is under this attack for not respecting its employees and player customers.