Small delay when reopening battlenet app?

For some reason since yesterday I noticed a short loading delay every time I want to reopen my battlenet app. Once I log onto my battlenet account, if I were to close it and reopen it by double clicking the app on the bottom right corner the entire screen pops up blank with the battlenet loading icon showing in the middle for around 4-5 seconds everytime before it displays everything again. It used to be instant, not sure why there is a delay all of a sudden. not a huge issue but definitely annoying since I open and close battlenet a lot. The short delay everytime can get annoying.

Can confirm, this is happening to me as well. I’m from EU and noticed this yesterday. There is a short delay at first login and when I reopen it from system try. Reinstalling App do not help.

Can you do something about it please? It’s few days already and it’s preety annoying to wait every time I open or reopen the app.